Cinespia Sizzle Reel 2011

Deadliest Prey Trailer

As a lover of movies I have been a part-time programmer at the world’s greatest movie theater, The Cinefamily here in LA. Starting in 2009 I began making trailers as well as posters for the theater, and in 2010 I launched the monthly series ‘Video Nights’ where I play films that have virtually never been released on DVD. I have brought out dozens of filmmakers for Q&A’s that result in a completely alternate portrayal of 80s/90s Hollywood that is almost entirely forgotten. Since so many of these films were never given a release or public screening, I feel it is my patriotic duty to preserve and honor them. In two mind-blowing instances, my screenings have resulted in sequels being made 25-30 years later (‘Deadliest Prey’ 2013 & ‘Overlords of Magick’ 2015.) Needless to say, nothing makes any sense.

Here are some of my favorite trailers I edited over the years.