Everything is Festival

Everything is Festival (EIF) is an annual celebration of film, art, music, comedy, and the wonderfully undefinable. As creator and co-director since its start in Los Angeles in 2010, guests include:
‘Adventures of Pete & Pete’ full cast reunion
Tenacious D
Andrew WK
Lil Bub
Joel Hodgson
Patton Oswalt
Mike Judge
Dan Harmon & Rob Schrab
Tony Clifton
Nick Offerman
(and many, many, many more).

From live scores to ‘The Pelican Brief’ and a barbershop quartet singing the music from ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ (‘Acapellasqatsi!’) to Andrew WK sitting completely still for 20 minutes while the audience berates him- each show completely unique within itself. EIF has also put on some of the greatest gonzo found footage, the most accidental movie masterpieces, the weirdest alternative comedy experiments and the awesome art/video installations that exist in any dimension.

As of 2015 EIF also resides in Portland as well as LA.