Everything is Terrible!

Everything is Terrible! began in 2007 as a found-footage blog and has since become a bona fide phenomenon. Our mission is simple: take forgotten and unloved VHS tapes from a lost era and turn them into something beautiful. As a co-creator I have made 6 feature films, produced 5 North American tours, designed an ungodly amount of merch, and our work has been seen by hundreds of millions of weirdos. To this day we still post original daily content, and our archive has been seen on pretty much every major network to the bewilderment of talk show hosts and news anchors everywhere. I love EIT! more than I have ever loved anything in my life.

Feature Films:
Everything is Terrible! The Movie (2009)
2Everything 2Terrible 2: Tokyo Drift (2010)
EIT! presents: DoggieWoggiez! PoochieWoochiez! (2012)
Holiday Special (2012)
Gettin’ a Bad Rap! (2013)
Comic Relief Zero (2013)
Legends (2015)
The Great Satan (2018)
Kidz Klub (2022)

Nice things folks have said about EIT! over the years:

“There are some things on the internet that just make you feel glad to be alive. Everything Is Terrible! is one of those things.” – Village Voice

“The purveyors of the Everything is Terrible blog mine bits of inadvertent yet sublime comedy.” – Chicago Tribune

“…the EIT gang aims to both dazzle and destroy preconceived notions and societal norms.”

  • LA Weekly

“Everything Is Terrible excels in showing us the awful combined weight of our most flimsy cultural output.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

“Simultaneously enlightening, hilarious and deeply sad.” – AV Club

“The best site ever.” – CBC

“I look at it all the time! That’s my site.” – Erykah Badu

“Bullshit.” – Snoop Dogg


Kuddly Kittens

11 & A Half minutes of Double Dare Prizes