Full name

Dimitri Simakis




Los Angeles, CA


As the co-creator of the found-footage collective Everything Is Terrible! I have seen just about every dog movie and instructional tape known to man. I am now the Senior VP of Short Form at Super Deluxe, formerly a Senior Producer at BuzzFeed. I also created the logo for Tasty.

I am also a television video producer / graphic artist where I have worked with Netflix, Comedy Central, ConaCo/TBS, Current TV, SyFy, and Funny or Die. The pilot I co-created, wrote, and edited, 'Gigglefudge, USA!' starring Paul Reubens, premiered on Adult Swim last year.

Freelance clients include:
Disney, The New York Times, Comedy Central, MTV, Adult Swim, Nickelodeon, Funny or Die, Orbitz, The Scissor Sisters, Kill Rock Stars, Funny Garbage, Snorg Tees, and many, many more…